When I don’t eat right, I’m treated to a migraine.  When I’m very lucky, I can catch it with a pair of Excedrin at the onset of the pain, and go happily about my business.  However, when I am doubly blessed and the brain-vise sets in in the evening, two caffeine-laden Excedrin tabs can keep me up–and crafting–well into the night.  So, here I am, pain-free, wide-awake, and feeling crafty.  Tonight’s accomplishments?  Deconstructed 2 pairs of jeans for the boys’ quilts, came up with a couple of ideas for the denim hems, and (finally) cut into the socks I’ve been meaning to make into baby legs for Shani.  They’re all pinned up and ready to sew…in the morning.   (The sewing machine is downstairs, and I need to be within running distance should one of the little creepies wake up.)

Working on ideas for camp-crafts, as well.  Thinking of marbling glass bottles with the middle-schoolers, using enamel model paints and liquid starch.  Linoleum printing for the older kids, along with freezer paper stenciling for the Teen Camp.  Leather for the little ones, and jewelry for staff.  Bottlecaps, bottlecaps, bottlecaps.  Found some wrapping paper to decopage on to my craigslist dresser. When it’s quiet like this, the possibilities are endless. When it’s quiet like this, I’m usually unconscious, though, which significantly impedes my crafting potential. I hate it when that happens.


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  1. I remember when we did leather stamping on those ‘bracelets’. Is this what you mean?

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