We now return to our regularly scheduled craft blog.

In case you were afraid I had given up making stuff in favor of blathering endlessly about the virtues of our new house:This was a roadside rescue I gleaned in October. It was filthy and kind of beat-up, but cleaned up nicely with a can of blue Rustoleum and an IKEA curtain (Goodwill!) to hide reupholster the (previously fuchsia) seat. It’s been claimed by the boys for use as a desk chair.

Itty-bitty blather: check out the floors in the study!


A little snow is a wonderful thing…

…except when they forget to plow the street where we live, and my grocery-getter flails pathetically in the driveway every stinkin’ time I pull in. But other than that, my little clan has been reveling in the flakeage. This afternoon, we spent a blissful half hour horrifying our new neighbors snowballing with the kids in the yard, and being a little in awe of their snow-sculpting skills. We’re plodding along a bit in the moving department (you try moving 8 people’s worth of stuff in 2 feet of snow in a pickup truck!) but finally got the rest of the bookshelves in today. Since I was feeling like a bit of a slacker, I decided to kasher the oven for extra credit. (I have become one with the oven. I know its darkest secrets; I have seen the accumulated grease of 52 years pour like tears down its enameled walls. And as an added bonus, my hands have been relieved of their topmost layer of skin.)

I sweep, therefore I am.

As I swept my long-coveted-cork-flooring for the umpteenth time today, it occurred to me that
a) I spend a ridiculous amount of time with broom in hand
b) the sweepings that result from my frequent floor forays are tiny collages of our days.

For example, the post-prandial pile to which you were privy above pretty much encapsulates our evening. A cozy bowl of not-microwave-popcorn, a jigsaw puzzle and a light supper of steamed broccoli and brown rice (with Iron Chef’s General Tso’s sauce, in case you wondered how I conned the rugrats into eating broccoli…) rounded out by a Twizzler for dessert (look closely!) and, of course, the ubiquitous Tinkertoy. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, I’ll show you my laundry and dirty dishes tomorrow. One can always hope…

Lights (and Gratuitous Snow Pictures for Richard)

I’m getting a crick in my neck. I can’t help myself. Mrs. Doctor’s assiduous attention to detail landed me some of the very coolest light fixtures around. Seriously. That was the light in the guest room, and I spent an embarrassing amount of my allotted unpacking time staring at it as though it was going to reveal to me some great truth if only I was patient enough. No truths revealed, other than this: Fabulous design is abso-flipping-lutely timeless.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (and it is a ranch, coincidentally..) we’re getting heaps of snow. Which is fun, if you’re not schlepping all of your worldly possessions through said snow. Or if you live in a place (like The Roch) where you pay appalling–nay, stultifying–amounts of taxes, and the roads (and sidewalks, no less!) get cleared by the Plow Fairy before the first flake hits the ground.
Anyway, because Richard wanted snow pictures, here they are, in all of their glacial glory.

Nooks and Crannies

This house is chock full of little details that make my heart sing. It’s a bespoke home, built in 1958 for a doctor and his wife. Mrs. Doctor had impeccable taste (except for the crime-against-humanity-wallpaper in my bedroom, dammit…) and an eye for attractive durability, bless her. They lived in the house for more than 50 years, and did little to update in those years. Which means I’ve got a music room. With a pipe organ. And a built in phonograph. The kitchen is a marvel: glass-fronted wood cabinets. Cork flooring. Storage options deemed “too rich for my blood” when I did my Miami Dream Kitchen remodel five years ago lurk inside every drawer and cupboard. And there’s a built in can-opener.

Pack. Unpack. Repeat.

Yup, that’s what we’ve been up to. Every box I unpack is a personal victory. And in between boxes, I wander around and gawk. The picture up there? Those are the music rolls for our player piano. In my book, that’s cooler than a Wii. How ’bout the pool table? I’m smitten.The bar is a another nifty little perk in the Rec Room, which also has shuffleboard courts laid in the original flooring. I am gaga over this house. Come and visit, ok?

We got it.

After a very long, drawn-out series of (torturous) events, we got the keys to our new home this morning. May it always be filled with family, friends, and happy occasions.