The Great Cookie Debacle of ’09

I spend too much time looking at other people’s blogs.  Admiring their successes.  Imagining my own glorious interpretations of their stunning creations.  Wasting copious quantities of time, money, and self-esteem.  Yup, that’s what I did this morning…

My synagogue is having a Chanukkah party next week.  In order to raise funds for our preschool, I had the inspired idea to sell sugar cookies.   Like these. Needless to say, four hours later, we have 120 dangerously “crunchy” heinously iced hockey-pucks.  Seriously.  My hands feel like they’re going to fall off, the synagogue’s kitchen looks like we let the actual preschool do the baking, and our cookies will be sold with a warning to the denture-wearing public.  Not one of my better mornings.


2 Responses

  1. Sooooooo…YOU are responsible for this huh? I admit to grabing one of these the other day on my way through the kitchen. I think 7/8ths of the cookie are in the waste basket under your desk in the shul office. I am sending a recommendation to the Des Moines Bucs (Hockey Team). Oh my…but it is the thought that counts….right?

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