The Great Blizzard of ‘O9

Having spent a few years in Rochester, we knew we were prepared for Iowa winters. Our first snowstorm here in the midwest was uneventful, though admittedly copious. We did manage to lose power for a couple of hours, which certainly added to the impact of the overall experience Sitting around by cellphone-light, playing “My Aunt Sally” with the rugrats till we all drift off to sleep…these are fond childhood memories in the making, folks. I’m happy to report that the power outage lasted less than three hours, which means that those childhood memories will include neither hypothermia nor burst pipes. Small favors.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Florida girl, how are you dealing with that snow? Wow! And way back in the day, we used to complain about 60 degree weather at our little bonfires. Amazing, right? 🙂 Love reading your posts and you my dear, are one awesome mom.

    • Thanks, Chris! It took me a couple of years to get used to the snow, and I’m still a big wimp when it comes to driving in the aftermath, but on the whole, I LOVE it! I’m glad you stopped by…

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