Pack. Unpack. Repeat.

Yup, that’s what we’ve been up to. Every box I unpack is a personal victory. And in between boxes, I wander around and gawk. The picture up there? Those are the music rolls for our player piano. In my book, that’s cooler than a Wii. How ’bout the pool table? I’m smitten.The bar is a another nifty little perk in the Rec Room, which also has shuffleboard courts laid in the original flooring. I am gaga over this house. Come and visit, ok?


4 Responses

  1. Player piano rolls – awesome. I don’t know if Jess remembers my friend Allan Sanford from NMB (his brother Steven went to JHS with Sean) but his dad had several player pianos & calliopes at one point at their home. His dad used to buy & restore them as a hobby.

    That alone would draw me to come visit, but the pool table and shuffleboard court? I just may have to buy a ticket on the next Greyhound. Again, mazel tov & hatzlacha raba on the new home.

  2. Looks Awesome:) Esti and the kids called and they were so excited! ENJOY!!!

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