Nooks and Crannies

This house is chock full of little details that make my heart sing. It’s a bespoke home, built in 1958 for a doctor and his wife. Mrs. Doctor had impeccable taste (except for the crime-against-humanity-wallpaper in my bedroom, dammit…) and an eye for attractive durability, bless her. They lived in the house for more than 50 years, and did little to update in those years. Which means I’ve got a music room. With a pipe organ. And a built in phonograph. The kitchen is a marvel: glass-fronted wood cabinets. Cork flooring. Storage options deemed “too rich for my blood” when I did my Miami Dream Kitchen remodel five years ago lurk inside every drawer and cupboard. And there’s a built in can-opener.


3 Responses

  1. Is that what that thing is? A can opener? I thought it was one of those industrial stapler things… 🙂 Other than that, it’s great, Wen. Can we get more pics, though? I like the player piano and all, but would like to see more.

  2. Love the oven. My IL’s owned a family home on the Jersey shore that my husband’s grandfather (a millionaire already in the 30’s and 40’s) had put in back in that era. The oven had to be over 60 years old and still in perfect working condition.

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