A little snow is a wonderful thing…

…except when they forget to plow the street where we live, and my grocery-getter flails pathetically in the driveway every stinkin’ time I pull in. But other than that, my little clan has been reveling in the flakeage. This afternoon, we spent a blissful half hour horrifying our new neighbors snowballing with the kids in the yard, and being a little in awe of their snow-sculpting skills. We’re plodding along a bit in the moving department (you try moving 8 people’s worth of stuff in 2 feet of snow in a pickup truck!) but finally got the rest of the bookshelves in today. Since I was feeling like a bit of a slacker, I decided to kasher the oven for extra credit. (I have become one with the oven. I know its darkest secrets; I have seen the accumulated grease of 52 years pour like tears down its enameled walls. And as an added bonus, my hands have been relieved of their topmost layer of skin.)


4 Responses

  1. Adorable picture! BH you guys look so happy! And lucky you, so much snow!!


    (considering Dina… dundundun…)

  2. As always, your family looks happy and complete, even in the midst of all that snow. Hope you guys are enjoying your new home to the fullest.

  3. Thanks, Jon. The “happy” is probably a direct result of the snow…we should NEVER have lived in FL! 🙂

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