I am buried in boxes. Surrounded by stuff. Engulfed in ephemera. You get the picture? I’ve been a very good girl, and held off unpacking my craft stuff till it was all here. Well, now it’s here, and I’m officially overwhelmed. (I’ve also confirmed my ADD suspicions, in case any of you were wondering. Actually, you could establish that diagnosis just by looking at the way the boxes are packed, without so much as casting a glance at the poetry in motion that is me, putting stuff away.)

At this rate, I figure might be ready to make something by June.


My Book-Stack

There’s always a Pisa-esque stack of books threatening to topple off of my night table. The fruits of my frequent library raids keep me entertained while I nurse the baby, and in the (highly unlikely) event that I have a few minutes to spare, I bury my nose in a book. While I do read my fair share of fiction, my book-stack tends toward the how-to, DIY variety. You can gauge my obsession-of-the-month (week?) by scanning the stack at my bedside. (My bookmarks kind of echo my library pile in that regard.) Right now I’m enthralled with the whole urban-homestead movement. I’m planning our garden with a vengeance borne of cabin fever, and the kids are drawing up increasingly complex chicken-coop plans.

Now you tell me: what’s in your book-stack?

Things to Do:

Cover ugly milk crates. This is a house of many crates. They are muy ugly. Must. cover. crates.

Make bedskirts. Simply have no desire to look at hideous boxsprings for another moment. Ick.

Make more rice bags. My feet are always freezing, but if I pop a rice bag under the covers before I go to bed, it’ll keep my toes toasty till I fall asleep. We all use them…we all love them.

Set up studio. This is what it looks like at the moment: (Kind of forlorn, isn’t it? But fear not! I have prodigious plans!)

Make belly bands … avoid TMI moments.

Finish moving. Still.

Finish unpacking. Still.

Laundry. Dishes. Again.

Feed kids. Again. Yes, that’s snow we’re melting on the stove to make supper. Yes, I feel like Ma Flippin’ Ingalls. No, the water’s not fixed yet. Which brings us to the piece de resistance:
Fix busted pipes.

Nothing like a Sunday…

except maybe a Saturday night!  Jess has been asking for  a cool shirt for our fifteenth anniversary (which was last week, but who’s counting?) and  last night I finally got around to the production phase.  I’d already printed out my text and bought the shirt (actually, I opted for a hooded zip-up sweatshirt.  If I’m going to go to the trouble of making something for the man, you can bet I’m going to maximize his opportunity to wear it..) so it was just a matter of cutting, ironing, painting, waiting,  peeling, and heat-setting to get the job done.  We’re all pretty pleased with the result, and the endorphin-high that came along with it fostered—of course— more crafting.  My mildewed, stained train case got a coat of apple-red paint, and the fabric for the boys’ chair finally made it into the light of day.  (Night, actually…)

Pictures coming soon…just like my new camera!


Lots of goodies on the craft burner this week! Hoarding big cardboard boxes in anticipation of making Anna’s cardboard kitchen, as well as a nifty little puppet theater for the littles. A pop-pom rug for Esti’s room, and lots of crocheted and beaded hair bands for Chevi. (These are perfect for the waiting room at the doctor’s office (or for the movie theater, I discovered last night. No patience for movies.) Can’t wait to get started…still on my upcycled sugar bag high!

Golly, there’s a lot of good stuff in here.

I spent the day marveling at my accumulated treasures.  I sifted and sorted through armloads of goodies, most of which had succumbed to that most unfortunate of truisms: out of sight, out of mind.  For the past 15 months, I’ve done very little crafting, and a terrifying lot of “Just put it in the art room.  I’ll get it later.”  Now that the baby is 6 months old, and we’ve been back from camp for three months, the high holidays are gone, and I’m starting to do some birthday and Chanukah crafting, well, I needed to find my stuff.  First I cleared out an awful lot of fabric, which I was able to sort and set up in my new studio. (I know,  it’s just our bedroom, but I’m pretending I have a studio, okay?)  Once I could see parts of the floor, it was time to get cracking.  Everything got dumped on the dining room table. And the dining room floor. (And, yeah, I made six more trips to the bedroom with baskets of stray fabric.  )  I gave away three big bags of stuff to freecycle friends.  I pigeonholed, combined, and grouped stacks of ephemera, piles of books, and a surprising number of enamel paints. (marbling, 4 years ago.)  I spent a few minutes admiring the fact that I have 17 balls of bright orange DMC cotton crochet yarn. (I thought I’d get a great deal if I bought it all at the thrift shop.  I did, but I’ve used exactly one ball in 3 years, so I’m a little concerned about the strength of my investment.)  I managed to put all of the half marbles in one container.  ( I find them everywhere.  It defies logic, and puts fear in my heart, as Shani is hitting the hand-to-mouth stage, which should last for the next 18 months or so…) Dominoes in one bowl, vintage thread in another. (I know it’s got a shelf life, but I can never resist–so pretty!) Filled a fish bowl with Scrabble tiles, and another with random game pieces.  Bottlecaps in a canister, jar lids in a bin.  Tulle for the tutus (Chanukah for one, birthday for the other!) relegated to the sewing studio, waiting for me to get my act together.